Video: Paul in-fight message to Mayweather revealed

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather during their exhibition bout in June. | Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Logan Paul had something interesting to say Floyd Mayweather during their recent fight.

Earlier this month YouTuber Logan Paul and 50-0 pro boxer Floyd Mayweather hard sparred for eight rounds and made a truckload of money for their efforts. Their exhibition bout, in which no winner was declared, is reported to have sold over 1 million pay-per-views.

Despite the fight being billed as an exhibition, many believed the former pro would knock out the 0-1 boxing neophyte (just see what happened to poor Tenshin Nasukawa back in 2018).

However, Mayweather did not get the finish. Maybe Mayweather was acting more ‘chill’ in this bout compared to his last exhibition. If so, that was certainly to Paul’s liking as revealed in new ringside footage from the bout.

In footage captured by Mayweather’s videographer agfilmz, and shared as part of his Floyd Mayweather VS Logan Paul Fight Week Rewind video, Paul can clearly be seen and heard talking to Mayweather before the start of a round. In that clip, Paul tells his foe to take it easy.

“Chill champ, chill, it’s just an exhibition,” said Paul.

Paul’s uttering is reminiscent of one Conor McGregor’s ‘it’s just business’ remarks to Khabib Nurmagomedov when those two bitter rivals met back in 2018.

Paul’s in-ring comments will likely be seized upon by conspiracy theorists who see them as evidence that Paul and Mayweather were in cahoots to make sure neither was embarrassed on route to their massive paydays.

Those theorists have already been out in force, claiming (rather ridiculously) that Paul was knocked out at one stage in the fight and then carried by Mayweather until he regained consciousness.

Paul had plenty to say about that ‘phantom KO’ controversy.

Given the success of Mayweather vs. Paul, don’t expect the influencer to leave the world of combat sports anytime soon. Paul has already suggested he is looking to book another boxing bout and an MMA fight.

Paul’s younger brother Jake Paul, a 3-0 boxer, is due to box former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley this summer.

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