MMA SQUARED: Thank you for your support

Chris Rini

No joke (ok there’s gonna be at least one joke)

Hey all, Chris here checking in on you. It’s been a little over three years I’ve been making MMA Squared on and I wanted to say thank you for welcoming these cartoons onto the MMA landscape. Not so long ago I was muddling through life as a bookkeeper and (incompetent) accountant.

Then Kid Nate opened up a Pandora’s Box when he accepted my pitch for a regular cartoon series.

It started out on Post-It Notes

Then we graduated to professional artist books & inks while the world burned around us.

…it got ridiculous.

And because of those cartoons I was able to create this annual book, The Fine Art of Violence.

Volume 2 is just about sold out and I’d like to give a copy to one of you, so drop a comment with a top five MMA list, get creative and we’ll pick a winner.

Take care of yourself and I’ll talk to you Monday.


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