Jake Paul thinks he can eventually fight Canelo for boxing titles

Jake Paul at the press conference for Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather | Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

“I think I could be fighting against Canelo Alvarez for the WBC or the WBO championship belt. Why not, baby?” Paul said.

For those who have questions about just how serious Jake Paul is taking his newly-found boxing career, the YouTube star is not shy about shooting for the stars. He’s hoping to eventually fight Saul “Canelo” Alvarez for his world titles.

Paul has become the most talked-about name in the combat sports world since transitioning to the sweet science from his days as an internet personality. The 24-year-old’s stock skyrocketed when he knocked out Ben Askren in April, and he will now face former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley this August.

“I just want to continue to be the most disruptive boxer in the history of the sport,” Paul recently told TMZ Sports.

“I think I could be fighting against Canelo Alvarez for the WBC or the WBO championship belt. Why not, baby? A lot of people are afraid to try, they’re afraid to get up out of their seats, they’re afraid to do something different. But that’s them, that’s not me. I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to, and that’s why there’s a difference between successful and non-successful people in this world.”

Canelo has previously said the Paul brothers have shown a lack of respect by journeying into boxing and are only in search of a quick payday. Regardless, Paul feels he takes the sport more serious than most other boxers on the planet and has high hopes for his future,

“So really, the sky is the limit. It’s just about how seriously I take it, and I do take it seriously. More seriously than 99% of these ‘professional’ boxers that are out there.”

That sounds great, but is pretty unrealistic just from a size factor. Paul weighed in at 191.5 pounds for his last fight with Ben Askren. Canelo is a four-weight champion, but the belts he currently holds are at 168 pounds and the highest he’s fought at is 175. We’ll see though.

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