RESULTS: Patricio PITBULL vs. Juan ARCHULETA: Bellator 228

The fight between ‘Pitbull vs Archeuleta aired on the 28th of September, both contendenders with a very impressive record. Archuleta having won 18 consecutive fights in a row and Patricio Pitbull having defended his title once again confirming him to also be a top contendor for the Bellator Grand Prix.

Pitbull had a strong defining first round managing to drop ‘The Spaniard’ Archuleta and following up with a heavy and brutal attack. However with his experience and commitment to the fight he did a good job surviving through the round. The second round seemed to be a bit of a floater round where not much seemed to happen besides Archuleta landing and accidental eye poke; which was not the first foul committed throughout the fight. Freire seemed to be getting the better of Archuleta, where in the third Pitbull continued his relentless assault managing to drop Archuleta with a clean right hand dropping Archuleta and almost managed to commit to a guillotine choke after a flurry of elbows.

The fourth showed Archuletas fighting style change, as he must have been aware of the uphill battle this fight was becoming; with Pitbull showcasing his experience defending his title. ‘The Spaniard’ showed urgency knowing the rounds that had been lost before him, but ultimately ended with Freire Pitbull defending his title once again and earning him his fifth undefeated fight.

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