UFC Fight Night 162 RESULTS: Ben Askren Choked Out By Demian Maia

Ben Askren returned to the octagon against Demian Maia at UFC Fight Night 162.

The two fighters who are extremely experience in wrestling stood up to each other and were only striking.

Akren was ahead on the cards having more success on his feet for the first two rounds. Askren then started to attempt takedowns towards the end of the second round. He had success on the takedowns but wasn’t so dominant on top as Maia was able to get Askren in compromising positions.

In the third round Askren displayed his wrestling further by taking Demian to the ground, Maia was able to reverse the takedown and mount Askren’s back with a body triangle.

Maia worked his arms around Askren and was able to get the rear naked choke on Askren. Askren tried to resist the choke and get out if it but by the time he went to tap out was unconscious on the ground when the referee waved off the contest.

Fans are taking to the internet and saying Askren is the most overrated fighter in MMA and posting videos making fun of him already.

Can this potentially be the beginning of the end of such a short UFC career for Ben Askren?

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