All About: Joyce Vieira

Joyce Vieira is a brazillian born MMA fighter. She is also a fitness model, boxer, instagram influencer & athlete.

The fitness model was born on 2nd March 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Joyce is currently 27 years of age. Vieira’s father is a store manager, whilst her mother is a home maker. Joyce Vieira has not disclosed any information about her brother and sister to the public or media.

By following Joyce Vieira on her instagram, you can see she is a lover of animals. She is currently the mother of two cats, Pedro and Vitoria. Joyce Vieira currently has around 26k followers on instagram.

Joyce Vieira Characteristics

Joyce Vieira stands at 5ft 7 inches (170cm) and she weighs in at around 60kg (132 lbs). Vieira has brown hair and brown eyes, she is amongst the small population of multiracial Brazillian ethnicity and is a native of Rio de Janeiro.

Joyce Vieira Beats Up Man On Beach

Vieira has gained popularity through contraversy. She was having a photoshoot on the beach in Rio de Janeiro, when a man began to fondle himself. It was said that he was masturbating to Joyce whilst she was taking photo’s for whichever promotion she was working for at that time.

Joyce says she was filled with anger and approached the man and began to punch him. The man was later identified as Josenei Ferreira Viana. Joyce Vieira says he had taken his erect penis out of his pants and began to masturbate whilst watching the photoshoot. She said the man was moaning and gave no care that there was families and children nearby, he just pleasured himself as if no one was around.

Joyce reportedly approached the man and asked him to stop, however Vieira went on to explain that the man was not in reality as he continued to masturbate and said to Joyce “Why, don’t you like it? Come here.”

The fitness model who looked like she was on baywatch at the time, responded by punching and kicking the man. The man reportedly, threw a punch back, which resulted in Joyce Vieria landing a head kick to that man, in which he then backed away and ran.

joyce vieira punches man after catching him masturbating
Joyce Vieria punching Josenei Ferreira Viana

After beating the man up, Vieira called the police to report him. Vieira was worried she would see him again in the future and have to give him another beat down.

Josenei Ferreira Viana (the man who was masturbating) denied that he was masturbating. He told police that he had only been urinating on the ground. Viana has been arrested for committing an “obscene act” in public to only be released a few hours later.

Joyce Vieira’s MMA Career

Joyce Vieira is yet to have a professional bout in a cage. We expect to see her performing on the big screen soon.

Be sure to follow Vieira on instagram to keep up with her. She is progressing every day with her MMA careet

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