Michael (MVP) Venom Page Aims For Hollywood

The flashiest fighter Bellator has seen has stated he wants a career in hollywood after he leaves the octagon for good.

MMA is a brutal sport that requires dedication and committment to an extent that can become unamanageable and out of the many that strive for their career as mixed martial artists not all of them make it to the top of their game, some may be never recognised on a global scale.

Arguably the biggest start of Bellator has not had this problem and has been able to use his fight style, charisma and fight game IQ to rise to the top and be able to be recognised globally with over 450k followers on social media he plans to make a transition into Hollywood after he has finished with his career in MMA and Boxing.

Michael Venom Page With The Infinity Glove

MVP told Metro “I’ve got plans for after the sport. I’m not looking to leave, but I feel this is where fighters make their biggest mistake.”

“You’ve got to have an exit plan. My big plan is to have a movie career. So I’ve got to keep this face intact. It’s a natural transition, I think.”

“I’m comfortable on camera. I want to start acting classes. I’m not in a rush to do it, because a lot of male actors don’t get recognised until they’re in their 40s.”

“Idris Elba’s success started late. I know I can jump in and just do action films. But I want to be taken seriously as an actor.”

“If it doesn’t work out, I’ll fall back on walking away slowly from explosions.”

michael venom page walking away from explosion

Michael Venom Page suffered his first defeat to to Douglas Lima at Bellator 221, he was knocked out by the former champ Lima but has since made a come back and ended his last fight against Kiely with a devastating knee to the head.

MVP’s victory left him with a record of 15-1

Michael Page is now under review for unsportsmanlike conduct during the event and his opponent was also fined for misconduct at the fight weigh in. Michael Page went to the lengths of pretending to take a selfie before he prepared to to finish his opponent on the mat.

The referee was unimpressed with this behaviour and decided to take a point from MVP and pulled Page away from Kiely during the antics.

Page is on the road for another fight before the end of the year and he believes that will take him on the road back to Limas to right the wrong that had him KO’d on the mat and lost that fight.

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