Video: ‘Let me bang bro’ Lane starts kerfuffle at BKFC 18 weigh-ins

Julian Lane and Jake Bostwick get their bout started early ahead of BKFC 18.

Julian Lane of ‘Let me bang bro’ fame starts a kerfuffle at the BKFC 18 weigh-ins.

If you don’t know who Julian Lane is, it’s probably because you only know him by his tear-filled ‘let me bang bro’ protests from the The Ultimate Fighter.

He’s set to fight Jake Bostwick for this Saturday’s BKFC 18 event at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. They decided to kick things off early when Lane started pressing his head against Bostwick’s face in a vulgar display of Let Me Bang Bro power. Bostwick slapped him in response, and the two were separated.

The kerfuffle starts at 18:15. Although fair warning: the Bowe vs. Donald or Barrera vs. Morales press conferences this ain’t.

Catch complete BKFC 18 weigh-in results below.

Main Card

Joey Beltran (230.4) vs. Sam Shewmaker (230.2)
Hector Lombard (203.6) vs. Joe Riggs (201.3)
Luis Palomino (154.9) vs. Tyler Goodjohn (154.2)
Thiago Alves (174.3) vs. Ulysses Diaz (173.7)
Pearl Gonzalez (125) vs. Charisa Sigala (123)


Jake Bostwick (175.9) vs. Julian Lane (174.1)
Bruce Lutchmedial (154.6) vs. Eddie Hoch (155.6)
Eduardo Concepcion (182.7) vs. Gabe Brown (188.1)
Francisco Ricchi (181.8) vs. Brian Maxwell (181.7)
Jarod Grant (135.9) vs. Travis Thompson (135.8)
Josh Alvarez (159.5) vs. Paul Tague (160.5)
Montaser Aboughaly (153.3) vs. Luke Parson (155.2)
Steve Herelius (242.2) vs. Juan Torres (243.7)
Alan Arzeno (164.9) vs. Yosdenis Cedeno (166.2)

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