Video: Boxer DQ’d for head stomps

Pedro Tabares stomps on Saul Farah’s head during their boxing match in Bolivia. | Tim Boxeo / Twitter

A boxing bout in Bolivia ends in chaos when a boxer delivers ground and pound and stomps to a downed opponent.

Bolivian boxing icon Saul Farah defended his Bridgerweight title versus Pedro Tabares last night, winning the fight by DQ after one of the wildest endings you could ever see in a boxing ring.

Farah (73-26-3) was likely losing his 103rd professional fight versus on the scorecards when he was dropped in the sixth round. As soon as Farah hit the canvas Tabares swarmed him, delivering ground and pound and, after the referee tried to pull him away, a series of stomps. At least one of the stomps landed flush on Farah’s head.

You can see all that havoc below in video provided by Tim Boxeo on Twitter.

MAYHEM IN BOLIVIA! Saul Farah (73-26-3) likely behind on the cards is dropped by debutant Pedro Tabares in the 6th. Tabres then stomps on Farah with both hands & feet while the champion is on the canvas. Farah defends his bridgerweight title with a DQ victory in Pando, Bolivia

— Tim Boxeo (@TimBoxeo) June 20, 2021

— Tim Boxeo (@TimBoxeo) June 20, 2021

The 38-year-old Farah is an institution in Bolivia’s boxing scene. Though he’s fought across South America and Asia he primarily fights in his home country, where he also works as a promoter, referee and matchmaker.

El Fenix Asesino (The Assassin Phoenix) has held multiple national titles in Bolivia. He also a former the interim WBC Latino heavyweight champion and interim South American Heavyweight champion. Over his 18-year pro career he unsuccessfully challenged for a number of regional WBA, WBO and IBF titles.

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