Grappling Report: Full lineup announced for first ever ‘the Road to ADCC’ superfight event

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The ADCC world championships are made all the more special by their infrequency, as the main event is only held once every two years with a few trials events leading up to it to give athletes the chance to win invites. Now however, the organization is shaking things up a little by arranging their first ever superfight event ‘the Road to ADCC’, which will feature some of the favorites to make a huge impact in the next world championships.

The main event features two champions from ADCC 2019 as Matheus Diniz steps up in weight against Kaynan Duarte. The athletes competing in the co-main event also made it onto the podium in the same year, Craig Jones and Lucas ‘Hulk’ Barbosa. Perhaps the most interesting matches however are at the beginning of the event as several newcomers to ADCC will be competing, Elisabeth Clay, Roberto Jimenez, and Andrew Wiltse.

Mixed results for Danaher Death Squad at Who’s Number One

John Danaher took a relatively small number of athletes to the most recent edition of Flograppling’s Who’s Number One, only Craig Jones and Oliver Taza. The two men fared differently despite the fact that they were both facing off against incredibly young prodigies. In the main event, Jones won a dominating decision against ATOS’ Tye Ruotolo not long after his brother Kade earned ‘submission of the night’ with a tight Buggy Choke.

Taza was not so successful against Dream Art’s Mica Galvao and despite having some good moments in the match, the judges ruled against him in the end. Earlier on in the event, Miha Perhavec stepped up on short notice to replace his coach and training partner Keenan Cornelius and unfortunately fell victim to one of the fastest submissions in the promotion’s history as Haisam Rida locked up a tight armbar.

Full results for the event can be found here.

Both Miyao brothers victorious at Fight 2 Win 173

It’s a rare occasion indeed that both Paulo and Joao Miyao grace the mats at the same event, but one of Jiu-Jitsu’s most popular pairs of brothers did just that at F2W 173. Joao was up first against Pedro Dias and worked relentlessly throughout to secure the finish but was unable to do so, having to settle for a decision victory in the end instead. Paulo was then up in the main event in an incredibly tough match against Lucas Pinheiro.

Pinheiro had plenty of good submission attempts as both men ferociously traded leg attacks, although they’re something that both Miyao brothers famously refuse to tap to. In the end, Paulo won the decision in the judge’s eyes but the match was incredibly close throughout. Between the brothers’ matches, Kendall Reusing managed to secure an arm-triangle against Talita Nogueira and got the tap despite the unconventional positioning.

Full results for the event can be found here.

Mica Galvao wins the Third Coast Grappling 7 Middleweight Grand Prix

Literally only 24 hours after defeated Oliver Taza at WNO, Mica Galvao put on an even more impressive display in winning the Third Coast Grappling 7 Middleweight grand prix despite only recently being promoted to brown belt by his father, Melqui. At just 17 years-old, Galvao is already busy establishing his place at the very top of the world of competitive BJJ by taking home the $15,000 grand prize with three straight submissions at the event.

He started out against IBJJF World Champion Gustavo Batista and managed to latch onto a tight guillotine to force the tap, before moving on to the semi-finals against Pedro Rocha and finishing the experienced wrestler and BJJ black belt with a heelhook. He then met an ADCC veteran in Pedro Marinho and looked equally impressive as he made short work of Marinho and locked up a straight armlock after just two minutes on the mat.

Full results for the event can be found here.

Quick Hits

ADCC world champion Orlando Sanchez and UFC veteran Sean Strickland got into a scuffle in training after a disagreement over ‘dirty’ techniques.

Paul Craig was awarded his BJJ black belt after maintaining his 100% finish-rate with a brutal victory over Jamahal Hill at UFC 263.
Andrew Wiltse set an incredible record at the Fuji BJJ Missouri State Championships when he racked up a jaw-dropping 75 points in a single match before securing the finish.
ADCC head organizer Mo Jassim made a shocking revelation when he accused Robert Drysdale of fixing matches during his 2007 World Championship-winning run.

Technique Corner

Shin-on-Shin to Reverse De La Riva, to the Saddle, to Heelhook finish

Kneebar counter to the Polish Worm Rider

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