Archives: Schilling gets KOd after dominating for nearly two rounds

Joe Schilling is no stranger to KOs, whether giving them or literally taking them on the chin.

How about another comeback KO story?

This week in combat sports has been all about this man. Former Bellator fighter Joe Schilling turned himself into a viral sensation by (allegedly) knocking out a bar patron during a confrontation in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday night.

Now, I refuse to give my opinions without knowing the real, full story. But based on the video that’s been passed around, size and skills were obviously on Schilling’s side. So I thought we’d rewind to a time when he faced someone that was an equal matchup. This was when he fought Eddie Walker at Lion Fight 7 in 2021.

I also don’t mean to pick at an open wound here; I just really love a good comeback KO story. Schilling came out aggressively as soon as the opening bell rang in. He opened up the action with a switch left high kick then carried on to pepper Walker with hard leg kicks. Schilling was clearly out for blood and a KO while Walker was looking to counter.

Schilling continued to press the action with low kicks and punches. As the two tied up for a clinch, he landed a clean upward elbow that dropped Walker momentarily. He managed to finish the opening round strong and carry that momentum through the second stanza.

Walker absorbed more punishment with knees from inside the clinch and more thudding leg kicks from the outside. He was even dropped by another upward elbow at the midway point of the round.

If you’re Schilling at this point, you’re smelling blood and your best recourse is to attack some more. But as you’ll see, patience sometimes pays off big. With his back against the ropes, Walker lands a perfectly-timed short counter right hand. Schilling drops to the canvas like a stiff log, knocked out cold. Dana White’s favorite referee waves the fight off.

For those who may find sheer satisfaction in watching this, here you go.

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